Bot Agency

Building chatbots based on your business website & social media content.

Your customers can speak with your chatbot on your website & via your messenger on your Facebook page.

How about having a dedicated customer service team online 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

Our chatbots never complain and they are eager to learn new things every day. They learn from talking to your customers & we teach their ai brain new things every week.

Chatbot Agency


Chatbot Agency

Let us build a custom chatbot for your restaurant. A robot that can tell the menu to your customers, take orders or make a reservation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chatbot Agency

Your dedicated chatbot will answer all the questions your online customers have and will never get tired or need any sleep. Meet your harders working employee.

Chatbot Agency

Collect new leads for your real estate agency 24/7. And we can train your bot to search for houses based on the need of your clients, or collect info for you about clients that want to sell or rent their houses to prep the 'real' sales representative.

Chatbot Agency

A custom chatbot that can plan your mindfulness, yoga or personal training classes. And at the same time help them with questions about your classes.

Honest pricing

Chatbot Agency

€450 one time fee
Installation your website + Facebook page (Whatsapp coming soon).Train your chatbots brain based on your input, website text and social media info.Design your chatbot in your brand's colors & style.Train the bot to collect leads/info for your business.
€145 monthly
Training your bot manually on a weekly basis, based on the questions the live customers ask and the input we get from you.350 unique conversations a month. After more than 350 sessions in a month, you pay €0,02ct per extra session

*All prices are excluding 21% TAX

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Art by Katerina Limpitsouni

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